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Mission Outlines
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Summer 101 Mission Outlines
- Method Type
* How to do that method
> Outcome of the above


Objective 1: Catch the bus to school
We’re introducing movement, platforming lock picking, hacking, using legitimate logins for computers/ATMs, choosing the wisest choices in conversations and retrieving items. It's sort of like a training level so the player is aware of the possibilities of completing a mission so things like platforming and such won't be too hard.
At the end of the intro, with Jack thinking positively, we see the clock and it is later than the time he planned to wake up. He must get to school.

• Mum doesn’t have the money for the bus trip as she is awaiting a new credit card.
• Bus pass did not arrive in the mail on time.
• Dad is already at work, unable to assist you, and has taken Mum’s automatic car. Leaving her with his manual car.


Obtain a minimum of $5 to afford bus trip
- Loot $2 in Dad’s drawers.
* Use one lock pick
- Grab $1 from a homeless person’s box which has beer bottles and an inky plead sign.
> In the later mission, the homeless man will be near the box “Steal from the rich, not the poor”.
- By seeing a debt notice in front of Greg’s house door, break into it, unlock the safe and obtain $50:
* Obtain Key code and Keycard
- Obtain keycard by finding it in Greg’s PO Box.
- Log into Greg’s computer to find his mobile phone info (last 4 digits are the middle of the code)
- Find Greg’s vault info in his unlocked middle draw containing the first and last digits of the code.
> In a later mission Greg will be in front of his house with his land lord and a cop. The land lord is ready to kick Greg out. You can choose to talk to him and pay the $100 rent but you need to pick a wise conversation choice to convince the land lord to keep Greg living there. Either way, the land lord will take your money.
>Even if no money was taken, if the safe was opened at all then the cop will be with Greg. The cop has evidence of “foreign DNA” but since Jack is new to the town, his info was not on the database so he cannot be accused of breaking in.
- Give an upset child her teddy bear back for $2 from her tooth fairy money. The bear is hidden in a foundation under a house.
> Hold onto the bear without giving it to the child and give it to a girl to please her.
- Steal a $1 tip on a counter that people left for the cleaner who doesn’t exist in game.

Get a bus pass
- Unlock PO Box that has your bus pass which is inside someone else’s.
- Get a fake bus pass from an ex-student for $2 as he needs a soda and is out or give him an ice cold soda from someone else’s house.
> It will be deemed fake in the next mission.
Get a lift
- Convince Mum to do her best with Dad’s manual car and take you right to school.
 Mum will not help you out for some time.
Include somehow futuristic bins. Some are empty, partially full and full. The fullness depends on whether the player can move them or not. Empty can be picked up, partially full can me moved against or picked up if you upgrade your strength and full cannot be moved nor picked up.
Objective 2: Get into School
In this mission you didn't get all the items required to get to school fast enough and you are late to school, now the school is closed and you have no foreseeable way in.
• The security guard at the gate isn't too friendly towards kids (maybe good for a mission to make him more nice in the future (maybe something from his past..))
• There is a cook out for a cigarette who will only let
you in through the kitchen if you can find certain ingredients for them.
• There is a laser grid at the gate.

-Bribe the guard with £10 if you still have money or find
some way to get it( I think this should be a karma event such as vandalising a
shop for some thugs for cash or attack the thugs for the shop keeper)

-Find out an embarrassing secret about the guard in order to
force him to let you in (removes mission to make him nice towards you)

-Find ingredients for cook by helping the shop keeper, buying,
or stealing them.(buying should cost slightly less than bribing the guard such
as 3 items for £2)

-Bypass laser
grid with multitool or S101 equivalent.*2 multitools

Objective 3: Chemistry Class
In this mission you will be told by a teacher to get to class
(the teacher will take you there) it is Chem class have to bring the correct
items together to get your first weapon (maybe the Stink Gas idea) if you get
it in the wrong order you station explodes and the surrounding area fills with
Gas (I don't know how this will work but maybe make the work station a
character with dialog but with no interactive movements)

WP rocket effect could be modded to be like students throwing magnesium into water

-You have been flung in the deep
end and have missed the start of the lesson telling you the order the chemical

-The teacher is not happy with
you at all and "Won't Repeat himself"

-You are in a new school with no
friends as of yet

-Try and figure it out on your own (we should make this
really hard lol)

-Promise to help a geek for the answers, or threaten him for
them.(2 threats, one will make him hostile towards you.)

-Listen to the teachers answering machine hearing about a
romance with another teacher, then tell him you saw her with someone else
making him leave the class for you to read his curriculum.

-Buy lockpicks from a
bully to open one of the cabinets and read one of the study books for the
answer. *3 lockpicks

-Sneak out of class through a *hidden* vent just behind you
workstation that leads to a closet with a stink bomb in it. (this will mean you
will need to find another way to find out how to make it (if we keep the

-Steal another students stink bomb
Objective 4: Defeat a
This mission is quite small and simple, defend yourself, a bully has
came up to you in the cafeteria and tries to pick on you and you have to find a way to scare him off.

-Bully has a

-Bully cannot be bribed

-(If it is possible) If you figured out the chem. Class on your own
you will have a intelligent line to embarrass or confuse the bully with.

-Fight the bully with your fists
(this will be difficult without food or health kits)

-Find a weapon in the cafeteria
to make the fight even.

-If you haven’t already used them, use the stink bombs to stun him and either continue attacking or hide in a vent until he gives up after which you can sneak past him and find someone to help (Bigger bully?)
After that a prefect will find you. If you lose your health you will spawn in the principal’s office and he will say “I am not listening to any of that. You verbally harmed that young man deliberately, there were witnesses and a prefect had to stop you. *sigh* All I have dealt with during my time here were kids like you. I thought you would be someone different than a senseless bully”. You can choose:
- You’ve been through school as a student. You surely were in my position.
- If only if those ‘witnesses’ quit lying. Ever thought there would be dishonesty in this school? The hard truth is that it’s in every school. Even here.
- And I thought you could help me become a better person.
- Sir, I will go to the ends of the Earth to prove I was just defending myself.


* Bypass Security
- Destroy the 4 alarm panels that send out the alarm signal.
- Avoid the regions of the infrared scanners either by guess or enhanced vision.

*Avoid Police intervention
- Send a distress call to the police to divert them from the school incase the alarm goes off.
> If not, the cops will arrive at the exterior if the alarms go off.
- Schedule a police network downtime maintenance to prevent record of any alarms going off at the school.
> Police will not arrive at the school in the later mission IF they did not already arrive.

- Destroy the 4 alarm panels that send out the alarm signal.
> Police will never be involved

- If you admit to the principal that you are seeing him in court, a group of prefects will be outside the office. If you have the right stuff, you can use a vent to see the prefects and you can tell the principal you know he is attempting to have him attacked. If you get confronted but defeat all of the prefects, you can give the principal some more trouble.
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Alright now that was the mission i wanted to look at, one of the other devs mentioned a mote in their map, i was thinking of using this to our advantage, but have a specific system to open flood gates that lead to somewhere in the schools basement, another idea would be to make this "seem" like the easiest option but actualy make it harder once through the floodgate

Added (2011-12-18, 7:36 AM)
Objective 2 btw

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