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Monday, 2019-06-17, 10:32 AM
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AdminDate: Sunday, 2011-11-27, 10:29 PM | Message # 1
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Post your ideas and I'll add them to the list!

  • Breakable vent covers to show a permanent consequence and avoid exploiting AI by opening and closing normal vents.
  • Pen markers or spray cans that can be drawn on a wall. This can work like a flame thrower does when it burns on the walls.
  • Throwing pencils to replace throwing knives.
  • Have voice acting.
  • Release the mod in chapters but allow players to continue where they left off by replacing re-directions to the main menu with the new levels.
  • New health system?
  • Let the player have a custom appearance.
  • Have Simpsons Hit and Run style 3D icons above important characters and dealers heads.
  • Have rivalry between street gangs? Seems like a lot to add but this will be a good secondary suggestion.
  • Contain several story milestones/conspiracies which can be done at any time depending on play style.
  • Replace nano key ring with "accessories". These include ID cards, old fashioned keys, keycards etc.
  • You only need to log into the computer once, exiting will leave it unlocked.
  • Computer screens show lock icon when locked and unlocked after login or if we already made it unlocked in the editor.
  • Make multiplayer characters say a bark via sound effects when they kill someone.
  • Face riot cops with CS gas launchers and tazers
  • Have a story situation involving a friend being knocked down by cops. Either escape or distract the cop and move his body into a car trunk to save him.
  • Alternative mission when you are in jail
  • Have both incoming and outgoing "data link" transmissions
  • Chapter at the end of the story where the player is a lot more older - say, 30-40 years old and one day you meet up with your old friends who you used to make an alliance with. You can catch up with them and be reminiscent of the good ol' days.
  • When in (or even out) of school you can pull pranks on people e.g whoopee cushion on a teacher's chair. Could be just for fun or done as an errand.
  • Instead of skills have attributes like charm, athletics etc:
    - Intelligence: By default when you receive notes they are long paragraphs or even long pages full of data that only is implied. With this attribute however, you only store concise and straight to the point notes.
    - Strength: By default you can lift up non heavy objects in the world. The only other type of movable objects, heavy ones, can only be picked up when you have this attribute.
    - Endurance: Jump height is increased and you can fall great heights with no damage.
    -Dexterity: Ability to use lock picks and other bypassing devices.
    - Lymphatic Lock Out: Immunity to high tide sewage and dangerous temperatures
  • Security:
    • Locked: Default locks that are usually placed on doors and gates. Use lock picks to bypass these.
    • Smart Card Locked: The only way to bypass is to find the right smart card chip and use your smart card to scan and gain entry.
    • Voice Recognition Mic: The voice changer tool is needed. When you “fire” the voice changer the bind name of your target is stored. The voice changer needs storage cards which are rare so only “shoot” important people. With the voice of the right person, simply invoke the voice recognition Mic to initiate the conversation which is implying that the voice is being projected from the tool.
    • Speech Recognition Mic: Simply find notes that reveal the code phrase and invoke the Mic to initiate the conversation involving speaking the code phrase which leads to access being granted.
    • Keypad: The numerical code is needed in order to gain access through this form of security.
    • Fingerprint:
    • Retinal:
  • When you are on the gangster storyline you can do rampage like in the old GTA games.
  • When handling things related to power/security, you can open a panel and smash the cables (using strength), flip the switch (dexterity if protected), find a unique weakness via intelligence etc.
  • You have a cafeteria, and the boiler room is nearby. Someone could suggest that the food has started tasting worse (if that's even possible), and you could go investigate the kitchens. Find out it's something to do with the nearby boilers, and then take action upon that.
  • In addition to the toohot, toocold and infection clouds/damage, vents could have traps from a live grenade being dropped in to having a part of it collapse.
  • Control RCXD

Bully 2 Suggestions

Post other suggestions you have about characters, missions (preferably in the Mission Outlines Thread), weapons, pickups, inside jokes...ANYTHING! biggrin
CrillDate: Saturday, 2011-12-17, 9:58 AM | Message # 2
Group: Developer
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Simon, have you sill got the outlines we already made?
it would be a good start for me since ive lost it all

Added (2011-12-17, 9:58 AM)
oh and i want to go over the mission with the school break in, things i want to change in it, as i say tho need the stuff so far smile

Laro24Date: Saturday, 2011-12-17, 9:02 PM | Message # 3
Assistant Mapper
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How about you can use computers to log in the internet like in GTA IV? biggrin
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